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Internet of Things

Hardware Requirements

We recommend you to have the below hardware ready before starting this course.

  • NodeMCU Development Board - 1
  • Micro USB cable - 1
  • LED - 1
  • LDR Sensor Module - 1
  • 5 Volts Relay Module - 1
  • Jumper Cables - 3

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Get hands-on with Internet of Things (IoT). Learn to control and monitor anything from anywhere.

  • Learn to work with NodeMCU
  • Arduino Programming
  • Controlling devices using webpage in a Local network
  • Build Android Apps using MIT App Inventor
  • Publish sensor data to cloud (Adafruit IO & Google Firebase)
  • Use IFTTT and control devices using Google Voice Assistant
  • Build a Home Automation Project


Click on the headings to view the contents

  • Basics of Arduino Programming.
  • HTML Coding basics.
  • Node MCU development Kit – Description.
  • Creating a Webpage.
  • Creating a Server on Node MCU.
  • Controlling of IO peripheral using Webpage.
  • Introduction to MIT App Inventor.
  • Building an Android App and Controlling IO Peripheral.
  • Working with IFTTT.
  • MQTT Protocol.
  • Using Adafruit IO.
  • Getting Sensor Values and Updating it Live.
  • Controlling of IO over the Internet.
  • Google Assistant based IO Control.
  • Home Automation and Smart Plant Demo.

Who is this program for?

  • College Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Research Scholars & Professors
  • Hobbyists


  • No Prerequisites. You will learn from basics

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1
Benishia B Christo

Senior Trainer, Lema Labs

Benishia is involved in developing our Machine Learning course. She likes challenges and looks to master new things everyday.



Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the users

1. How can i join this course?

- You will have to sign up & create an account in this e-Learning portal. Then enrol to the course by paying the course fees. That's it!

2. Do i need any hardware / kits to complete the course?

- Yes. This course is completely hands-on and you will require the mentioned hardware to learn & work during the course.

3. Where & How can i buy the kit?

- You can just order your kit online from us through the link / button in the course description section.