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ML Level 1 | September Weekdays

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Learn & Master Machine Learning from basics with our Online ML Course

Online ML Course consists of two levels. This course is the Level 1 in which you will get started with ML & Python Programming working on algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistics Regression, Multi Variate Linear Regression, K Nearest Neighbour, Decision Tree & Random Forest.


  • Designed for Working professionals, College students & Faculties
  • Expert trainers capable of making learning-technology simple
  • Python Programming
  • Linear Regression & Classification
  • K Nearest Neighbour, Decision Tree & Random Forest
  • Work on Google Colab
  • Real time projects based on every concept that you learn

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Linear Regression

  • Fundamentals of ML
  • Types of Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression Problem
  • Python Programming basics
  • Coding Platform: Google Colab
  • Matplot and Pandas libraries
  • Gradient Descent Algorithm

Week 2: Logistics Regression

  • Classification Problem
  • Logistic Regression Model
  • Introduction to libraries: Scipy and Scikit
  • Handwriting Digit Recognition
  • Convert Images to raw data
  • Raw data to CSV
  • Accuracy Prediction and Optimization

Week 3: Multi Variate Linear Regression

  • Multi variate Linear Regression
  • Introduction to Scikit Learn
  • Label Encoding
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Gradient Descent Algorithm, TNC
  • Regularization Parameter
  • Hyperparameter Grid Search
  • Bias, Variance, Accuracy, Precision

Week 4: K Nearest Neighbour

  • What is KNN?
  • Example KNN Problem
  • Defining the Objective function
  • Optimize Objective function
  • Prediction & Accuracy

Week 5: Decision Tree & Random Forest

  • What is Decision Tree?
  • Calculating Entropy
  • Calculating Information gain
  • Gini Index & Objective Function
  • What is Random Forest & Bagging?
  • Advantages of using Random Forest
  • Pruning & Objective function
  • Prediction & Accuracy

Course Staff

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Senior Trainer, Lema Labs

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  3. Enrollment in this course is by invitation only